Our horses

Sheffield (Hubi)
Hubi is a westfalen gelding and he came into my life in 2006. We started our Parelli journey together and learned from each other along the way. We completed together our Parelli Level 4 auditions in 2014. Hubi is great teacher for beginners, kids and more advanced horsemen. He is an all-rounder, safe horse, truly a reliable master! As a left-brain introvert horse he is still to this day the most powerful reminder of using psychology first in every session.



Sunday Spirit
Sunday Spirit is a westfalen gelding and my mare Orianda’s first foal, born in 2010. He is sensitive, well-balanced, and talented mover with a curious, eager nature. Sunday loves to play, especially in liberty and is a great mirror of your energy. If you are looking to feel what true connection between horse and human feels like, Sunday is the best teacher! He is a confident, playful horse, and a good riding horse, but requires a sensitive rider. When you feel confident and ready to be a leader he will jump over the moon for you!


Rubiano Royal is my mare Orianda’s second foal, born in 2011. He is a westafalen gelding and a real human lover! He is the perfect example of a left-brain extrovert horse, outgoing and very playful. He loves to solve puzzles and can sometimes like to show his cheeky character. Rubiano is by nature a leader, and is great in teaching humans to not be direct-lined. With him you will learn to strategize and take the time it takes, until you can make your idea his idea too! Rubiano loves to jump and play with obstacles. He is always ready for a play session!



Orianda was my very first horse, a trakehner mare and she passed away in 2017 at the age of 26. We met when we were both 13 years old and she was my own Dressage super horse! We began our very first steps learning about Parelli in 2005 after she developed some lameness issues and could not be ridden. We had great fun developing a dream-like partnership together! Orianda will always be my inspiration in knowing what a great partnership can feel like between a horse and her human.