Riverland Horse Farm

Located at: Zijveld 90, 6658 KV Beneden-Leeuwen, The Netherlands

Our equestrian center is ready to welcome you and your horse for lessons, workshops, one-day and multi-day courses and clinics. We are proud to be able to share an optimal learning facility both for horses and humans. Our facility is designed for the horse’s comfort and needs, in a natural environment. At the same time we value a horse’s ability to perform optimally in open spaces, arenas with good footing and surrounded by a variety of obstacles to keep training progressive.

Our facilities include:

  • 20 x 60m covered arena
  • 30m round pen 
  • outdoor playground/ riding area
  • sand paddocks & stalls

What Learning Formats Do We Offer? 

Elena’s expertise as an equestrian coach are very broad, from natural horsemanship to dressage work-in-hand, to bridle-less riding and riding for beginners to advanced levels. All ages of students are welcome! 


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Based on a case-by-case request we also offer lessons with one of our own horses. This lesson type is designed for you to focus on your learning and feel what the result can be! You do not have to have special skills or knowledge- just a true interest in learning what it can feel like once you can start to speak the language of natural horsemanship. Our three horses are all highly trained in the Parelli Program (level 4), dressage and jumping and offer some insight also into the different ways of successful performance based on the horsenality perspective. To read more about our horses click here.


This lesson format is created to give you and your horse the most attention in a short frame of time. It is ideal for people who like to be consistently followed and give value to every session with their horse. One lesson is designed to give you enough inspiration to progress on your own for a few weeks. Best results are seen after a few lessons and practice time between you and your horse.


This option is great if you appreciate being able to share your horsemanship experience with someone else (groups can be from 2 to 6 people). You can learn with your horse while you have the chance to experiment through an exercise at your own pace. This option is also great to see how different types of horses learn and respond to an exercise. The added benefit is then to have someone to share your journey with, keep you accountable for your training and remind you of your successes!


Weekend Visits

This format gives you and your horse the best quality learning time in a more private setting.  You can customize your lesson schedule during with Elena. During your stay you can choose between groundwork and riding lessons, and also include extra lessons with our horses if you want additional experience. Your horse will have their own accommodation in one of our large sand paddocks. For your stay, we offer  a cozy private room (with own kitchen and bathroom) directly on our farm grounds.

Organize Your Own Workshop

This format is ideal for you fully take your own time to learn the theory, ask questions and see practical demonstrations given by Elena and her horses. You do not have to worry about traveling with your horse or focusing on what your horse needs- this is all about YOUR learning! These workshops are also designed to not only be about the theory- this is why we welcome you at our facility where we can make use of a cozy indoor space and our arenas.

  • duration: 3 hours
  • group size: 4-10 people

Weekend Courses 

This format gives you and your horse the best quality learning time. You are welcome to join us with your horse for 2 days of learning. These weekend courses are designed to give you a big boost in your horsemanship- you will be able to experiment with problem solving and learning new exercises in such a way that you will be able to measure your progress and have a plan for how to continue developing your skills and knowledge! We are excited to offer you a great learning experience with a great facility, where everything is set up and ready for you and your horse to learn at your best.

Intensive Learning Weeks

This learning format is created for you to have a unique bonding experience with your horse. The aim is to expand your experiences, knowledge and skills in several areas. Very often it is a true privilege to be able to spend one whole day with your horse…imagine what you can do in one week! The aim of this “summer camp” is to allow you and your horse to maximize your learning together in a facility that is designed for you and your horse. The topics of the clinic include: horse psychology and behavior; developing qualities of response; online ground work, liberty ground work, & freestyle riding; horsenality; the power of patterns; how to make it a game with your horse; trailer loading; preparation & simulation of trail-riding; ground exercises and riding exercises with obstacles; developing balance and physical fitness online and in the saddle…