On the basis of the parelli program, Elena’s teaching aims to develop horses in four savvys:


On line means playing with your horse on the ground, through the use of a halter, lead rope and a carrot stick.


Once you take off the halter there is only one thing left: the truth! If you have taken the time to develop a partnership
through love, language and leadership liberty is a beautiful test of your horsemanship.



The goal of Freestyle riding is to be able to ride without the use of the reins.
Your horse should be listening to the subtle cues of your weight or legs.


The goal of Finesse riding is to refine your riding by focusing on precision.
Your horse can develop their posture through the light connection that is achieved through contact.



Learning formats also include:

  • Live demonstrations (education and inspiration)
  • Half day or full day ‘horseless’ workshops (theory + demonstration with horse + simulations)
  • Half day or full day workshops (theory + small group lessons)

These can be general lessons to advance your horsemanship, or following a theme such as: horsenality, rider posture & balance, freestyle riding, introduction to liberty, etc.

Please contact Elena directly for more information or to organize a workshop!