Are you curious about what horsemanship lessons look like? Take a look at students lesson in a collage of pictures!

Horsemanship lessons formats that we offer are lessons of minimum 1 hour*

Type of lesson  Group size
Price per
Private  1 40 €
Semiprivate 2-3 1 25 €
Group 4-6 1 20 €

An additional 20 ct per kilometer will be applied to cover traveling expenses either starting from Utrecht (3984KX).
* Lessons shorter than 1 hour are possible when there is more than one lesson at the same location

Horseless workshops: organize one at your location!

If you would like to dedicate some time to learning more about your horse and horsemanship this might be just the right format for you! In this setting you can take the time to take notes and ask all your questions before you go out and try things with your horse. If you would like to arrange a workshop please contact me. If you would like to attend an ongoing workshop please have a look at my Calendar for upcoming events.

Workshops can include topics such as:

  • Introduction to Parelli
  • Introduction to Horsenality
  • Horsenality advanced: tips & training strategies

Duration time: 3 hours                                    Price: 30 euro p.p.                         Group size: minimum 4 people

Lesson, workshops & weekend courses at our location (Zijveld 90, Beneden-Leeuwen)

We are happy to welcome you to our new learning center, where everything is set up to make your learning and your horse’s learning ideal! To see what we offer please visit the page about our Equestrian Center. To see our events for 2019 visit our calendar page.

Join in on lessons in a visiting location- save on travel costs!

If you are in the following areas you can sign up to have a lesson on the next lesson trip to save on traveling expenses:

-Wassenaar (monthly lessons)

-Rotterdam & Rockanje (monthly lessons)

-Woudenberg (monthly lessons)