Beste Elena hartelijk dank voor de heerlijke dagen. Ik heb intens genoten van de theorie en de lessen die we van jou en de paarden hebben gehad. Alles ging “slow” met veel aandacht voor het leerproces. Ik hoop, dat ik de verdieping die ik heb gekregen de komende tijd op de paarden kan overbrengen. Jouw rustgevende voorbeeld is een inspiratie voor me. Ik ben in deze 5 dagen weer een beter mens geworden. Zelfs mijn hond heeft voordeel van mijn inzichten die ik uit de Parelli training haal.
groet Twan

Video coaching

In these corona-times we are all looking for alternative ways to learn how to improve ourselves and the relationship with our horse. For me that meant taking video-coaching lessons with Elena.
I emailed her a short recording of a training session with my horse and prepared some questions.
The lessons turned out to be really inspirational. These were not just Q&A sessions as I had anticipated.
Elena answered my questions but she prepared much more: she also found some relevant video’s for me to watch (part of the Parelli savvy club of which I’m a member) and even better, she prepared some execrcises that helped me to solve my problems step by step and improve even more.
So thanks Elena, I highly recommend these coaching sessions to everyone!

Rafaele Huntjens

Horsenality Workshop in Beneden-Leeuwen

Last weekend my sister and I attended the horsenality workshop. Elena has a very nice training center with a beautiful arena where she demonstrated the personalities of her horses and some strategies for these horsenalities. The workshop is a nice combination of theory with videos showing horses with different horsenalities, and a practical demonstration. This workshop was very instructive and we would like to attend an upcoming weekend workshop to learn more about different training techniques to keep our horses happy and healthy!
Florinda & Rejane

Elena’s clinic!

When I think of Elena Bacchini I think of an enthousiastic, positive and motivated person who loves to share her passion for horses with us! She truly cares about how you and your horse are doing, and how she can help us create perfect partnership with our horses.
At our farm we organized a clinic, where Elena came visit us all day and every participant got two lessons, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Between the lessons Elena told us a lot about horsenalities, which was very interesting.
Everyone reconized their own horse in the horsenalities. My horse, Duko, used to be impossible to ride a few years ago, because of all the fear and stress he felt. I had recently started riding again and Elena had a lot of patience with us, practising the basics and taking our time. She told me about a few patterns which were very helpful for Duko to relax and focus on me, and I still use these patterns because these patterns were perfect for us! Our other lesson, which was on line, was a lot of fun too. Elena helped me with some new exercises, and in the end I was full of inspiration and we had achieved so much more than I would ever expect!
A friend of me participated as well, and Elena inspired her so much! Since the clinic she has only been using the Parelli method with her horses. In the end we were all tired (the horses too 🙂 ) but very satisfied with what we have achieved with Elena’s help! So thank you Elena!