Twix and Natalie

In december 2015 i bought a 5,5 year old horse. She was supposed to be used to the saddle and rider and altough she was mainly trained like a reining horse she was also thougt the basics of englisch dressage. I have no idea how they used to ride her but i just could not. Within a year we came to the point where the horse completely shut down. I could not reach her and neither could my dressage teacher. I needed a completely different approach. Then my teacher gave me Elena’s number. And this was exactly what my horse needed!

It was so painful to see how much stress i caused for my horse just by approaching her or just by being near her. And not just me, for Twix humans were scary! She never really knew what to expect when a human was near her or working with her and to her that was very stressful! In the second lesson Elena looked at Twix and said, ‘riding and training has always been done to this horse, never with her.’ And that broke my heart. I love horse riding but i want my horse to love it to. Twix is not an easy horse but she is honest. If she does not trust something of does not think she can do something she just will not do it. But if she closes one door, she will always open a window for me. Lucky for me, Elena is very good in finding that window. I started my lessons with her 1,5 year ago and it changed everything!

Thanks to Elena’s clear approach Twix has learned to trust me and that working with me can be fun! Riding in the arena is still a big issue for her but she likes it when we go out into the woods. We still have a long way and a lot of lessons to go but she is slowly changing into a wonderful horse and a great friend.