Harmony course

Last weekend I participated in a course on harmony taught by Elena. I have learned a lot of specific exercises that I can now work on with my horse. But the most important lesson I learned was to change from telling a horse what to do into suggesting and then waiting for the horse to solve the puzzle as an “harmonious” partner. Thanks Elena, for answering all my questions (!?) and guiding me in my horsemanship journey. Rafaele.

Video coaching

In these corona-times we are all looking for alternative ways to learn how to improve ourselves and the relationship with our horse. For me that meant taking video-coaching lessons with Elena.
I emailed her a short recording of a training session with my horse and prepared some questions.
The lessons turned out to be really inspirational. These were not just Q&A sessions as I had anticipated.
Elena answered my questions but she prepared much more: she also found some relevant video’s for me to watch (part of the Parelli savvy club of which I’m a member) and even better, she prepared some execrcises that helped me to solve my problems step by step and improve even more.
So thanks Elena, I highly recommend these coaching sessions to everyone!

Rafaele Huntjens