Summer in Germany

Here I am spending the summer in the heart of the horse world! I will be in Espelkamp (located between Osnabrueck and Hannover) taking care of my horsemanship. Finally reuniting all of my horses in the same place, I have been having a blast with colt starting and playing with finesse! Also looking forward to meeting more new students in the area!



Visiting the youngsters

Had a blast visiting our young horses Rubiano and Sunday Spirit!

They are growing up fast and are ready for some play time! Sunday is 3 years old now, so looking forward to some real partnership building…an soon enough, a human on his back ;-)  Rubiano instead, is in his full naughty 2 years old!

Really fascinating to the physical and mental development they have goon through so far. It’s going to be an exciting future!!!

Now living in Leiden

I have just arrived to the Netherlands where I will be living and completing my University studies! I can’t wait to get to know The Parelli team as well as new students 😀

A the moment I will be concentrating on finishing up my free teaching hours. Searching for stables in the surrounding has finally given some results and if everything turns out well my horse Hubi will be joining me in about a month! :mrgreen:

Back to the Netherlands!

Finally back in Holland! …and this time with my two horses!!


Sunday and Hubi are up for some dutch adventures  :mrgreen: We have found a good stables in Woubrugge, only a few kilometers from Leiden. The new owners of the place are putting in a lot of effort to renew the place, putting the horses’ needs first. This means new footing in all the arenas!

It is quite a challenge to get everything organized and two horses settled in. But it is finally starting to look good just before I get my University studies started again in Leiden. Will keep everyone updated on this new beginning and I hope to be seeing some Parelli friendly faces around my area!


ready for lessons

I still have a few free hours to complete as a trainee to become an official 2* Junior Parelli Instructor. If you would like a free on line lesson feel free to contact me!

Ho ancora un paio di ore di lezioni gratis da completare per diventare ufficialmente un Parelli Junior Instructor 2*. Se volete approfittare di qualche ora di lezione on-line non esitate a contattarmi !